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Category: Family Law

Road Dividing Trees Family Law

How are Assets Divided in a Divorce?

The divorce rate in Australia is at its lowest level since 1976, when the Family Law Act was introduced. However, ...
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Surrogacy Family Law

Can You be a Surrogate in Australia?

Surrogacy laws vary across Australian states. In this post, we’ll look at surrogacy laws in Queensland, assessing the legalities surrounding ...
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Beach Wedding Family Law

How Can I Protect My Assets Before Marriage?

No matter how a relationship breaks down, the end of a relationship can be an emotional and difficult experience. However, ...
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Mediation child support

5 key child support concepts and 1 important tip for your day to day parenting

If you have separated from your partner and have care of the child/children from that relationship, you will likely be ...
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Mediation Family Law

6 alternatives to going to court for your family law matter

What are the alternatives to going to court? Going to court is a lengthy and costly route to take in ...
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De Facto Relationships Family Law

3 key considerations about your de facto relationship

For de facto relationships when the relationship starts and ends isn’t as clear as when you marry.  For example, you ...
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Divorce divorce

5 stages of a divorce application

The word divorce can be seen as an all-encompassing term to describe the separation process. ‘I’m getting a divorce’, ‘my ...
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Family Law

Resolve your matter: Family Dispute Resolution & Mediation

If you are recently separated or have been separated for some time, and have matters to discuss with your former ...
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Divorce Family Law

Collaborative Divorce – How to separate and never go to Court

On the last Sunday in July you will have found our Fraser Murray sitting in a café in Manly, Sydney ...
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Family Law

Divorce – What you need to know

If you are separated or contemplating separation it is important to understand the process and some of the terminology used ...
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