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Here you will find some helpful information to get you started or help you along the way in your legal journey.

We have compiled articles on key topics across our practice areas. These articles usually come from questions we are frequently asked by our clients or when we are out and about at events.

We also run regular workshops and information sessions to provide you with a bit more information on topics such as family law and mediation, wills and estate planning, estate administration and ensuring that your property sale or purchase goes smoothly. You can find out more about our current information sessions here.

You can also click through to our Life Law Shop where you can purchase Trust yourself: How empowered decision making will assist you to resolve your family law matter written by our Elizabeth Fairon. You will also find 52 weeks, 365 opportunities – a weekly reflection journal also created by Elizabeth.

Our educational videos are coming soon. These are short videos with some additional information – you’ll like these if you prefer to consume your content through video. Stay tuned for those.

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