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Category: Family Law

Family Law

How Should I Prepare for Mediation?

Mediation should be a collaborative process where an impartial professional can help you and the other parties involved resolve your ...
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Blended Families and Estate Planning

Navigating life for blended families can be difficult, especially when you begin to look into the area of estate planning. Inheritance, assets and organising ...
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Estate Planning: 5 Steps To Avoid Inheritance Disputes

Planning a strategy to deal with your assets after you die isn’t something most people want to think about. Even ...
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Divorce Family Law

How do we Help Children Cope with our Divorce?

A separation or a divorce can be tough for the whole family, including any children. Although as adults we may ...
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Separation lawyer divorce

How do I Approach the Subject of Separation with my Child?

Although you may feel that going through a separation is emotionally exhausting, talking to your child about separation is one ...
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Grass Family Law

What is a Parenting Agreement and why do I Need One?

Separations are always tough times for those involved. However, if children are involved, then the process can feel even tougher. ...
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Grass Family Law

Do I Need to Pay Spousal Maintenance?

If your relationship breaks down, then you may find that your income is reduced. In some circumstances, this may also ...
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Australian Beach Family Law

What property and assets [Marital Property] are considered in divorce?

The Family Law Act contains a number of provisions to help with the division of assets during divorce proceedings. Asset ...
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Forrest Family Law

What are the Rights in De Facto Relationships?

Married couples, those in a civil partnership and people living together in what’s known as a ‘de facto’ relationship have ...
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Chalk Brick Wall Family Law

Are Verbal Abuse and Emotional Abuse Domestic Violence?

In Australia, domestic violence is defined by the Family Law Act (1975) as “violent, threatening or other behaviour by a ...
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