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How do I find the right family lawyer for me?

When dealing with legal issues, finding an effective legal advocate is a must. But what should you look for in a lawyer?

While there are many factors that can potentially influence your decision to choose one lawyer over another, here are 4 major points to consider:

1. Transparent and fair pricing

A law firm should be open and upfront about how much their services will cost. If the firm is unwilling to give you any idea about how much you can expect to pay, that is a big warning sign and an indication that you ought to move on.

While a lawyer’s fees should be set fairly, this is not to say that you should necessarily engage the lawyer with the lowest fees. Rather, think about what you require of them. Is this a simple and straightforward matter that can be taken care of quickly, or a complex case that could take an extended period of time to settle? A lawyer with significant experience will come at a cost, but if you are facing a critical and difficult issue you will want the best. 

Ask about how their fees are structured. Many law firms operate according to a billable hours model. Depending on the project you need them to take on, though, they may offer a fixed fee to be paid upfront which can give you greater pricing certainty.  

At Life Law Solutions, we offer Fixed Fee Services which give our clients peace of mind knowing the costs associated prior to engaging our services.

2. Compatibility

No, finding a lawyer is not akin to online dating. But there is definitely an element of finding a lawyer who you ‘click’ with. You may be working with them for months depending on what you are engaging them for, so it is worth considering if they are easy to get along with, whether they listen to you and are attentive to your concerns and generally give you the impression they genuinely have your best interests at heart. You will likely be entrusting them with very sensitive and personal matters, so it’s important that you develop a sense of trust.

3. Experience

Navigating the legal system can be difficult and stressful. To make your experience easier, you need effective legal support. Before you begin searching for a lawyer, understand what your legal needs are and what kind of legal expertise would be required to meet them. 

Family law is a complex area. Maybe you have a case involving relocating a child from England to Brisbane, or are administering a will that includes multi-faceted financial arrangements. Does your prospective lawyer have particular experience in such delicate issues? If not, their services may not serve your needs. 

4. Availability

You should expect that your lawyer will be able to dedicate the time necessary to resolve your legal concerns appropriately. This is especially important when a legal issue has the potential to last for months as family law cases sometimes can. If they cannot make time to address your concerns face to face or even reply to emails promptly, an already difficult time can be made so much worse. 

A lack of availability could be a sign they are ill-prepared or that their existing workload is too high and they are unable to prioritise your case. Whatever the reason, try to find a lawyer who can make themselves available to you on a consistent basis you are both happy with. 

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