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What To Avoid During A Divorce 

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Sometimes attempts to resolve separation matters don’t succeed and you may find yourself needing a family lawyer to help you on your journey to resolution.

Divorce is undoubtedly one of the most emotionally challenging processes a person will experience. As experienced Family Lawyers, we see clients act driven by their emotions and making regrettable decisions during their divorce. 

Here are three common mistakes to avoid (wherever possible) in your divorce process. 

1. Acting Out Of Anger

Acting in anger or seeking revenge during a divorce may feel good at the time, but when the dust settles, your actions can have heartbreaking aftereffects for you and your family. 

Take it from us, you will regret projecting your anger.

Maybe not today, but the time will come, and by then, you may have ruined family relationships so badly they won’t recover. The best advice we can give is to think about your future and find healthy ways to heal

Do you want to hold onto anger that will hinder your healing? Or expose your children to angry, disrespectful opinions about their other parent, who until recently was a constant in their life? Children suffer most in anger-driven divorces that can sometimes cause long-term drama. 

From a legal perspective, your impulsive actions could lead to unfair settlements, financial instability or an extended legal battle. All outcomes any person should want to avoid. Prioritise your well-being and your family’s well-being and try keep your emotions in check when approaching your divorce. 

Mediation and negotiating are great legal approaches to achieving mutually beneficial solutions in divorce and something we strongly advise. 

2. Being Dishonest With Your Lawyer 

When you enter into the divorce process, you have to trust your lawyer’s knowledge and experience who will advocate for you and protect you. But that is impossible if they don’t have all the information. 

No matter how insignificant or embarrassing you believe the information to be, your lawyer needs all the facts. Withholding information will only hinder your chances of achieving what you want in your divorce. 

Effective legal counsel is more unlikely if your lawyer is blindsided with information during proceedings. 

Be honest. Be open.

We guarantee anything you divulge will be received with respect. Divorce lawyers work tirelessly to create legal strategies that benefit their clients, but those strategies are useless if they are based on inaccurate information. 

From a legal perspective, dishonesty can damage your credibility and be used against you. You risk experiencing a marginally different outcome than what you hope for simply by omitting or altering facts.

3. Going In Blind When Choosing Your Divorce Lawyer

Choosing your divorce lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. This is the person you are trusting to guide and protect you during your emotional process.  

You should be confident your lawyer has  legal knowledge and experience in all divorce areas and will represent you with a strong legal approach. From custody arrangements to division of assets, you want to know your divorce lawyer will help you get all that you want from your divorce.

It is important to talk to your lawyer about their approach, to see whether their values align with your values and understand how the lawyer / client relationship will work. Communication is key here and you want to be sure you and your lawyer are on the same page moving forward to ensure the best strategic approach.

And, of course, find out how their legal fees are calculated. 

The Life Law Solutions Guarantee

As one of the best family law firms in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, we utilise extensive divorce knowledge and experience when representing our clients. 

Our high success rate is based on an open, direct and honest communication style that helps our clients feel safe and cared for. We support our clients emotionally because we care, and our expert guidance ensures clients receive the best possible outcome. 

At the core of our values is to attempt to keep our clients out of the family court or spend as little time there as possible. 

Talk to one of our family lawyers today and take the right steps towards a brighter future.  If you have any questions or need guidance with your divorce applicationcontact Life Law Solutions to book an appointment today. 

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