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6 Coping Strategies During The Divorce Process 

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Navigating the divorce process can be an emotionally challenging time. 

Even if a divorce is amicable, it is a time for those involved to grieve the relationship and life they built with their former partner and start planning their post-divorce life. It may be hard to imagine, especially in the early days of divorce, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There are coping strategies you can apply to help you navigate this uncertain time and come out stronger on the other side. 

As a leading family law firm in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, we are committed to supporting our clients through their divorce journey. This support includes the legal and the emotional side too. 

Here are five coping strategies we recommend to start your healing journey during a divorce. 

Recognising And Validating Your Feelings

Divorce brings on a range of emotions for involved parties, most commonly, sadness, anger, fear and overwhelming relief, sometimes experienced simultaneously. 

It’s ok to have these feelings. 

Allow time to grieve your relationship and the future life you planned with your former significant other. We suggest engaging in activities that let you express your emotions in a safe space. Journaling, meditation, or simply talking to a close friend can be a cathartic experience.

These activities can help you purge your feelings and move towards letting them go so you can heal. 

Building A Support Network 

Leaning on close friends and family will help your emotional well-being. This does not make you weak. 

The divorce process is an intensely emotional time, and whether you need advice, someone to listen to your angry thoughts or to sit with you in silence and just be there, having a solid support network will help. 

Joining a local divorce support group can connect you with people who understand what you are going through. Your divorce details may differ, but sharing and receiving support can bring you comfort. 

Seeking Professional Help, Therapy And Counselling

Engaging with a professional for guidance and support can provide you with the best chance of navigating your complex divorce process. Divorce coaches and therapists have a wealth of knowledge and experience with various divorce situations and emotional reactions. 

They may even help you with underlying issues you never acknowledged before you entered your marriage. Your therapist or divorce specialist can work with you to develop coping strategies for you and your divorce situation. 

Developing Healthy Coping Mechanisms 

Healthy coping mechanisms are a great way to manage stress or trauma by managing painful or difficult emotions your divorce may bring. 

Find activities that make you happy and feel relaxed. 

If you have been sceptical of mindfulness activities and meditation, delving in when you feel vulnerable and emotionally exposed is the perfect time to let go of your predispositions. Physical activity is also a proven stress reliever. 

Ensure you make regular time for your chosen activity, and soon your healthy coping mechanism will be a part of your daily routine, increasing your endorphin hits and making you feel good about yourself and your life. 

Self-Care And Wellness Practices For Emotional Wellbeing 

You must prioritise your physical and emotional self-care and wellness practices. Ensure you sleep well, eat healthy and dedicate time to self-nurture. Listening to soothing music, reading a book or taking a relaxing bath allows you to enjoy your alone time and give your mind a healthy reset. 

Give Yourself A Break

Developing the right coping strategies can help you navigate your divorce process as a stronger and more resilient version of yourself. 

Taking time to feel your emotions, lean on your loved ones when you’re struggling and find the activities and practices that bring you joy and relieve stress will make a huge difference in your divorce.

Above all, giving yourself time to heal without an expiry date is important. Healing happens naturally, don’t rush it. If you have any questions about the legalities of your divorce process, contact Life Law Solutions to book an appointment today. 

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