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Category: Wills and Estates

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Disputing a Will: Making a claim for further provision

If you have been left a smaller portion of an estate under a will or been left out altogether you ...
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Four Estate Planning Documents Every Australian Needs

It is estimated that approximately half of all Australians die without a will in place.  If you die without a ...
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Can I Dispute a Will?

The death of a loved one is an incredibly traumatic occasion for the whole family. However, this occasion can become ...
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5 things to consider when a loved one passes away

5 things to consider when a Loved One has passed away Introduction Losing a loved one is a difficult time ...
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Who should I appoint as Executor of my Will?

When making a will it is usual to appoint an Executor whose job it is to ensure your wishes are ...
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Will changeofname

When to revise your will – 6 key life events

Having written here about the importance of having a will and provided you tips for appointing your executor here – ...
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Wills and Estates

Why do you need a Will – what happens if you don’t have one?

  If a person dies without a valid Will this is described as dying intestate. Part 3 of the Succession ...
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Storage of Safe Custody Documents

As many of you know, when you attend with us to prepare an enduring document such as a will or ...
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Wills and Estates

Life events that may impact your Will

We lawyers always impress upon people the importance of planning for the best but preparing for the worst. You’ve listened ...
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Just what is “Probate”?

Dealing with the death of a loved one is a difficult process, and can become more complicated as you finalise ...
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