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When life meets law, you need Life Law.

At Life Law Solutions, we understand your time is precious and our experienced team will provide solutions to get you through the legal system as efficiently as possible. Our lawyers will listen to your concerns and tailor a solution to meet your personal needs. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome with minimal disruption to your life. We specialise in family and relationship law, mediation, wills and estate planning and administration, and property conveyancing.

Uncertainty with your separation made even more uncertain with COVID-19?

We acknowledge that any separation brings with it elements of uncertainty and as a community and as a country we are entering very uncertain times. Ending a relationship and the implications that has for your financial circumstances and the parenting arrangements for your children is both emotionally and practically challenging to navigate.

Whilst we look ahead and reassure ourselves that in time order will be restored, the reality is that during this period life will be very different, but it still goes on.

We have adapted to ensure that we can continue to deliver trusted legal advice to separating families. In that regard we are not changing what we do, we are simply changing how we do it. Helping clients understand where they stand prior to, during and following a separation and delivering constructive solutions and support in a cost effective way.

We are now delivering family law advice with the improved flexibility and safety of video consultations. Book your session now.

Covid-19 & Family Law

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