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Over two decades of experience as family lawyers on the Sunshine Coast means we are well positioned to assist you in your parenting matters, separation, wills, estate administration or other family law matter. When we assist you we build a relationship that will extend beyond your present legal needs and your story becomes an important part of ours.

We are focused at all times on our ethos that Life Law Solutions are your family lawyers, locally serving the Sunshine Coast and its neighboring regions. We empower people to make decisions to resolve their matter and find solutions to those legal issues that impact their lives.

Divorce and separation

When you plan to go separate ways or file for divorce you need to find trusted family lawyers that will guide you through the process with the intent to make your time in the legal system swift and as efficient as possible.

It is during this time of heartbreak and heightened emotions that questions will be asked and decisions need to be made – how do I file for divorce, what will happen to the children, how to divide our assets, where will we live?

Parenting matters

No matter what happens when you separate from your partner, family lawyers will ensure that your children remain your priority.

There are a range of considerations and it is wise to consult an experienced family lawyer as the legal process involved in determining a parenting agreement can be complex.

Principal, Elizabeth Fairon, is regularly called on by the state to represent children in the family court. Her team know the family court process intimately, and can be trusted to guide you through with care and consideration to achieving the best possible outcome for the children.

Estate planning and administration

Managing the administration of an estate can be one of the most emotionally distressing times.

There are a number of ways family lawyers can help you during this time, whether you have been appointed executor and want help performing this role, or if there is a dispute between beneficiaries over the division of the estate and you require assistance or representation, or to make a claim if you feel an estate has been unfairly distributed .

If you are considering your estate planning to prevent such issues arising in the event of your death, we will guide you through to give you and your family peace of mind.


Mediation is a structured negotiation between two parties. It is facilitated by an independent person, the mediator, who facilitates the discussion with the goal of resolving the issues in dispute.

Mediation is a private forum in which you have the opportunity to determine your outcome without giving that decision making power to a Judge, in which case neither of you may be happy with the outcome. 

It gives you the opportunity to reach a legally binding and enforceable agreement with your former spouse, and in many cases, this enables you to move on with your life with the respect you previously had for each other intact.

must read: trust yourself

TRUST YOURSELF was written by Life Law Solutions principal lawyer, Elizabeth Fairon, to help empower people to resolve their family law matter.

It offers the opportunity to determine your family law matter by being equipped with a deep understanding of your facts, the laws, the systems, the reality and your goals. Trust Yourself delivers processes that empower you to make key decisions, resolve your family law matter and get on with your life.

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