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Divorce & Separation

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When the unthinkable happens
When you start out on your journey together it is unlikely that you are thinking about how it might all fall apart. We don’t plan our relationships thinking this will do for now or the next 5 years.

Things to consider
If you are separated or contemplating separation it is important to understand the process and some of the terminology used in getting ‘a divorce’.  When you separate there are key things to consider:

  1. What the arrangements will be for your children, if you have children;
  2. How your property will be divided;
  3. What income you might need to receive to meet your expenses;
  4. What support you might need for the children living with you.

When your relationship ends we can assist you 
When you make an appointment to meet with one of our family lawyers you will receive detailed information and advice tailored for your dispute; an assessment of realistic outcomes for you; and a strategy to best assist you to resolve your matter as efficiently as possible. Our team of family law specialists can assist you to:

  • Apply for a divorce after you have been separated for 12 months;
  • Negotiate and document a short or long term parenting agreement (previously called ‘custody’);
  • Negotiate and document your property settlement;
  • Go to the Family Court if your matter is in court or proceedings are necessary;
  • Facilitate a mediation or attend mediation with you;
  • Apply for or respond to a domestic violence protection order.
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