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When you start out on your journey together it is unlikely that you are thinking about how it might all fall apart.  We don’t plan our relationships thinking this will do for now or the next 5 years.  We jump in wholeheartedly to this ‘crazy little thing called love’. So when things go wrong or you grow apart, it can take you completely by surprise and heartbreaking.  It is during this time of heartbreak and heightened emotions that decisions need to be made – what will happen to the children, how do we divide our property, where are we going to live, how will we afford it.

You might turn to friends or family for advice.  You might search the internet for advice and you may have found yourself here at this webpage. Information and knowledge during this time of crisis is so important.  The more information and knowledge you have, the easier it will be for you to make key decisions in the short and long term. However a lot of information can also be overwhelming without advice and guidance.

When you make an appointment to meet with one of our family lawyers you will receive detailed information and advice tailored for your dispute; an assessment of realistic outcomes for you; and a strategy to best assist you to resolve your matter as efficiently as possible. You should also be prepared to talk about or at least start thinking about, your short and long term goals.  We strive to ensure that whatever the legal outcome for your matter, a legal outcome which is aligned with your goals will ensure that you can move forward with a sense of certainty and ownership of the decisions made.

In working through a tailored strategy for you we will also ensure that we consider other areas which will be impacted by your separation including your will and broader estate planning.  You may also need to work with a financial planner who can help you work through your short and long term financial plan.

In most cases, court should be considered only as the last resort – in fact we will do all that we can to avoid heading off to court.  You shouldn’t be thinking that as a law firm we don’t like going to court or aren’t very good at it – far from it.  However there aren’t really any good outcomes that come out of going before the court and airing your dirty laundry before all and sundry and then expecting to get on and form an excellent co-parenting relationship with your partner. The only good outcome about court is that ultimately it will end – if you can’t reach a decision – orders will be imposed by a Judge who doesn’t know you or your family.  The court process is often also a lengthy, emotional and costly solution.  For these reasons any steps that we can take to assist you in avoiding that process have to be better than jumping into the court system.

Of course certain circumstances require going to court.  You might also find yourself having been served with a court application by your former partner.  When called for, our team will represent you and guide you through the process, committed at every opportunity to finding ways to resolve your matter and get you off the litigation rollercoaster and on with your life.

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