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Tag: family law

Family Law

How Should I Prepare for Mediation?

Mediation should be a collaborative process where an impartial professional can help you and the other parties involved resolve your ...
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Separation lawyer divorce

How do I Approach the Subject of Separation with my Child?

Although you may feel that going through a separation is emotionally exhausting, talking to your child about separation is one ...
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Mediation child support

5 key child support concepts and 1 important tip for your day to day parenting

If you have separated from your partner and have care of the child/children from that relationship, you will likely be ...
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Divorce divorce

5 stages of a divorce application

The word divorce can be seen as an all-encompassing term to describe the separation process. ‘I’m getting a divorce’, ‘my ...
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Separated divorce

5 tips for starting your family law journey

Whether you have been separated for some time or only very recently, deciding to engage a lawyer to start your ...
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