Half day (including gst)


Full day(including gst)


Certificate review and assessment (including gst)

Add ons:


  • Extra time at $330 per hour – outside of half day or full day rate

What’s included:

  1. 30-minute intake session with both parties, pre mediation via zoom or telephone
  2. Engagement for half day 4 hours or full day 8 hours mediation
  3. Preparation of detailed heads of agreement 
  4. Referral to a local lawyer for the preparation of consent orders following your mediation 

Terms of engagement


  1. There are no exclusions 
  2. Clients that have money in trust prior to the commencement of the mediation
  3. Signed mediation agreement before commencement of mediation 
  4. Additional fees are involved if time increases beyond the scope of the half day or full day rate charged at the hourly rate
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