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It’s a matter of TRUST…

Woman is writing notes for her will at a table

When we are elderly, unwell or vulnerable, we place our trust in organisations to prepare documents such as a Will, Enduring Power of Attorney or Advance Health Directive. We believe that by putting plans in place, we will be looked after in the event we cannot make our own decisions, or our families will be taken care of in our stead.

Let’s ask Britney Spears how that went for her?

Across Australia and particularly in Queensland, there have been numerous examples of this trust being breached, leading in some states to investigations and calls for Royal Commissions into mismanagement and abuse.

In our day-to-day work, we often meet with clients who have had documents drafted elsewhere for free. They are often poorly drafted, do not clearly provide for the person’s wishes, or place too much trust in people or organisations unknown to the principal. 

So how do these places make money if they do free wills?

In short, these organisations make their money from the fees they charge to administer a person’s estate or the cost of acting as the administrator of a person’s legal or financial affairs. While not every case is the same, we often see cases of people with little or no family or support, unable to manage their affairs due to illness or injury, finding themselves admitted to nursing homes and hospital accommodations against their will, simply because they are unwell.

They’re often described using words like unstable, unhinged, incompetent and broken.

And if they’re lucky enough to escape the system that has effectively imprisoned them for the crime of being vulnerable, they usually escape with the money they did have eaten up by fees and costs, absorbed by organisations which were derelict in their responsibilities to their clients.

How can we help?

When you come to Life Law Solutions, you are greeted by friendly, capable solicitors who know how to draft your documents accurately and ensure that your wishes – be it during ongoing or end-of-life care, or after death – are clearly articulated.

We will give you clear and direct advice about any complications of your individual requests and will talk through any concerns you may have.

We will explain the law around these documents in simple English so you can fully understand how things work.

We have years of experience in drafting simple wills through to the administration of complex estates. We will talk to you about the options you have in appointing an Executor for your will and who you might name as legal guardians for your children. 

We explain the options available to you in appointing an Enduring Power of Attorney, and the kinds of decisions they can make on your behalf and the circumstances they can be made under.

We will also discuss with you the benefits of completing an Advance Health Directive (AHD). This is a document that advises hospitals and medical facilities of your wishes in regard to health care – from blood transfusions through to “Do Not Resuscitate” orders. We will then provide you with the document to take to your trusted doctor to complete. The benefit of an AHD is that you have the autonomy to choose how you want your care to proceed in the circumstances you are unable to provide instructions, providing certainty to medical professionals and relieving your loved ones of making difficult decisions for you.

When it comes to trusting that your affairs are in order and your wishes respected, you can rely on Life Law Solutions to be at your side, every step of the way. Our fixed fee packages provide value for money and peace of mind and will minimise the likelihood of drama at the most vulnerable times for you and your family.

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