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Family Law Fundamentals – watch

Thanks for joining our session on Family Law and parenting matters. My name is Elizabeth Fairon and I am the Legal Practice Director at Life Law Solutions. 

No matter what happens when you separate from your partner, your children must remain your priority. Having a basic understanding of family law lingo, the framework and how children’s views will be taken into account will assist you in working though what arrangements might be suitable for you and your unique circumstances.

In this session we will look at:

  • Family Law lingo – including phrases such as “custody” and “parenting arrangements”
  • The court’s processes and frameworks for deciding parenting arrangements
  • How a court takes into account your child/ren’s views. 

A little bit of knowledge goes a long way.

where to next?

If you’re wondering what’s next and you need some further assistance, get in contact with our team for an initial strategy session. We’ll talk though the options relevant to your matter. Our initial strategy sessions occur with an experienced family lawyer, when you complete your online introductory documents before your appointment, we can jump straight in to talk with you about your concerns, answer your questions and help you to formulate strategy for the next steps in your matter.

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