(including gst) + filing fee + service fee

Add ons:


  • Preparation of two affidavits addressing issues relating to separations under one roof -$165 

  • Preparation of affidavit relating to a ranging forum preparing an affidavit relating to the translation of a marriage certificate which is not in English $165 plus any translation fee. 

  • Preparing an application for substituted service or dealing with any issues relating to protracted service where the other party refuses service including arranging any administrative adjournments $165. 

  • Transfer or sale of three or more properties (2 properties are included in the standard fee) – $165 for each property thereafter

What’s included:

  1. Receiving your instructions to prepare your application for divorce including all information required in our divorce checklist
  2. The lodgement of your application for divorce
  3. The preparation of the affidavit of e-filing
  4. Liaising with you about the accuracy of the application and arranging for the application to be signed
  5. Preparing a notice of address for service two attempts at service via our service agent for you to sign so we can come off the court record after the application has been filed in circumstances where we are not instructed to appear the hearing
  6. If we are engaged through to the conclusion of the hearing then providing you with a copy of the (attendance at court if instructed) certificate
  7. Assisting you whether it is a sole application- an application by one party requiring service on the other party or a joint application
  8. Terms are exclusions
  9. Funds are to be paid into our trust account before we commence work
  10. Signed client agreement
  11. The application for divorce lodged within 21 days of engagement (noting additional fees for ongoing follow-up beyond 21 days)
  12. An understanding we only act for one party if there is a joint application
  13. Assumed service within 2 attempts at least 28 days prior to the hearing (includes admin fee)
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