Consent Orders

If you have already discussed and in-principle agreed on all issues with your spouse, Lifelaw provide a fixed fee service to help you to prepare your consent order to present to the Family Court. 


A consent order can cover parenting arrangements for children as well as financial arrangements such as property and maintenance. Any person concerned with the care, welfare and development of a child can apply for parenting orders.

how it works

Included in your fixed fee - $2,500 (including GST) + filing fee


  1. Draft superannuation splitting order;
  2. Write to your superannuation fund to seek approval for the order;
  3. Receive approval or request to adjust orders
  4. Make adjustments as required
  5. Receive from you evidence of the value of your fund
  6. Prepare affidavit confirming procedural fairness has been met to lodge with your application.

The transfer or sale of two properties is included in the standard fee. For each property after that – $165 each.

Terms / exclusions

  1. This service is offered on the basis that it is assumed you have reached an in principle agreement with your spouse on all issues and require assistance with the drafting of your Court Orders;
  2. The parties understand that a legal practitioner can only act for one party in the agreement and as such any meetings or instructions will be with one party only with any discussions occurring between the parties directly;
  3. We are not engaged to provide comprehensive legal advice about the terms of the settlement you have reached;
  4. You must complete with as much detail as possible our online client process to ensure that we have all of the relevant information to streamline the process for you;
  5. This consent order process is separate to and does not include any discussions about child support.  Consent orders prepared under the Family Law Act 1975 cannot include arrangements for child support.  Child Support is calculated and managed under different law;
  6. The fixed fee includes our usual administration fee;
  7. We require a signed client agreement and funds in trust before we commence work on your matter.
  8. Where $330 is paid for the initial consult, this fee comes off the fixed fee quoted above.  It is that balance that will be required to be paid before work commences, inclusive of the filing fee.
  9. We require work to be completed and orders lodged within 6 weeks of the date of engagement.  This doesn’t mean it will take 6 weeks.  This means that if the process takes longer than 6 weeks due to ongoing review, redraft and consideration, there will be additional fees charged on top of the fixed fee.
  10.   A fee exemption or reduction may be available for the filing fee payable to the Court if both parties have a centrelink pensioner or other concession card.
  11. The holding of a centrelink pensioner or other concession card does not allow the discounting of any fixed fee where such fees are already discounted by the fixing of them;
  12. Consent orders which involve complex trust or company arrangements are excluded from this fixed fee arrangement and your lawyer will provide you with more information and a revised estimate in the form of a fixed fee when we have taken your initial instructions.

how to get started

Do they book a consult, fill in the checklists, or go through settify first?

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