At Life Law Solutions we assist our clients to resolve their personal, business and property legal problems. Through our process we ensure that our clients are clear on what they are trying to achieve, how to achieve it and why it’s possible to achieve their outcome within a legal framework.

Family Law

When you start out on your journey together it is unlikely that you are thinking about how it might all fall apart.  We don’t plan our relationships thinking this will do for now or the next 5 years.  We jump in wholeheartedly to this ‘crazy little thing called love’. So when things go wrong or you grow apart, it can take you completely by surprise and be heartbreaking.

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Wills & Estates

Wills, enduring powers of attorney and estate planning are not the most exciting things to have to consider in life. The mere contemplation of a will, considering what will happen to your property if you die, isn’t something that is likely to inspire you.

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Entering into a contract to buy or sell a home can be a very important transaction for most people.  The process of putting your house on the market, looking for the right property, waiting for buyers, negotiating through an agent, making an offer, signing a contract and then undertaking conveyancing is a stressful process.

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