The Benefits of PEXA Accreditation in Property Law

Property law governs the legalities of real estate and other property ownership. It covers a variety of areas including purchasing or selling property, rentals and tenancies and more. Having a legal team represent you who specialise in property law is essential. Having a PEXA accredited lawyer or conveyancer gives you specific advantages when making property transactions.

What is PEXA?

PEXA is an e-conveyancing platform with a large network of Lawyers, Conveyancers and Financial Institutions. The network allows the transaction of property to happen quickly, securely and efficiently. It carries many benefits for both the property seller and purchaser.


e-Conveyancing is the process of lodging and preparing documents relating to property law, online. The PEXA platform allows the minimisation of paperwork and manual processes such as postal delivery. e-Conveyancing was originally institutionalised by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG), and is supported by the network of PEXA members and its platform.

Benefits of PEXA for the Property Seller

When you sell property using the services of a lawyer accredited through PEXA, you have advantages that could make or break the sale. Firstly, the PEXA platform allows you to have increased certainty about your property sale. It effectively eliminates manual processing errors, allowing for document submissions to be checked online instantly. This increases your chance of the property settling quickly and successfully.

As someone who is selling property, it can be an uncertain process with many variables that come into play. Through PEXA and e-Conveyancing, you have the ability to have funds cleared quickly. Instead of waiting days for paper cheques to clear, your funds are processed instantly as if they were cleared. The platform basically simplifies the entire process of selling property, eliminated unnecessary waiting periods and automatically organises documents and important information.

Benefits for a Property Buyer

If you are making a property purchase through a PEXA-using lawyer or conveyancer, you have far more peace of mind on your settlement. You have access to see, in real time, when and what documents are lodged. They go through the same online document check, which will keep your settlement on schedule and allow for quicker processing times. PEXA allows for a transparent and easy transaction, where funds are cleared quickly and without extra fees or the hassle of postage and bank cheques.

You can also track the progress of the settlement and opt to receive instant notifications via SMS or email. PEXA is a user-friendly and easy to understand platform that offers a guarantee on the security of your sensitive information and personal details.

Life Law is a PEXA-accredited firm, that has access to its full range of benefits for our clients. Settle your property transactions with ease, eliminate long waiting and processing periods and stay informed and up to date with the important details of your settlement. 

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