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Callum Lee

Property & Estate Lawyer

I joined the Life Law team as a paralegal whilst finalising the completion of my duel bachelor of Laws and Commerce degrees in 2018. Today I am busily occupied as a property lawyer with my day to day practice focussed on assisting our clients with all aspects of property and leasing transactions including:

  1. Land and Residential Contracts (buying and selling);
  2. Loan Agreements;
  3. Property Transfers;
  4. General property transactions (caveating, mortgaging and transmission etc.);
  5. Drafting special conditions;
  6. Lease and sub-lease advice; and
  7. Security/Borrowing advice.

Andrew Jowitt and I work together, so you can be confident that if you are speaking with either one of us, the other one will be up to speed on your matter. I work from our Maroochydore office, so that our Sunshine Coast-based clients have a friendly face they can talk to in person. Andrew is based in Brisbane and coordinates all our Brisbane-based clients’ so that we can deliver seamless flexibility.

I also work closely with our family law and estate planning teams to deliver a comprehensive solution based around your goals and the most efficient and effective ways to achieve them. We find that being able to manage everything necessary for transferring real property is incredibly useful to our family law clients at the end of their settlement, saving them from the inconvenience and expense of having to go to a separate conveyancing solicitor to complete their agreed (or ordered) settlement.

I am usually available throughout the day, but the best way to reach me is through email. Feel free to send your enquiry by email and I will be in touch soon after.

If you would like me to assist with your purchase or sale contract, feel free to pass on our contact details.

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