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Entering into a contract to buy or sell a home or commercial property can be a very important transaction for most people. The process of putting your house on the market, looking for the right property, waiting for buyers, negotiating through an agent, making an offer, signing a contract and then undertaking conveyancing is a stressful process. Likewise, the purchase or sale of a commercial property – particularly if it is linked to your dream business or something you have worked hard to grow, can also have far more involved that you realise. It is critical to make sure that the legal processes including entering into the contract, engaging with your bank, and arranging settlement run smoothly and that legal title is transferred as you expect it to be.

We can assist you with:

  • Buying or selling a residential property;
  • Buying or selling a commercial property;
  • The sale or purchase of a business;
  • Leasing – whether reviewing a lease for a property you are about to rent, or preparing leases for commercial and retail property that you own.

If we can assist you with any of these areas and other property and conveyancing matters which aren’t specifically listed above, contact us

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