covid-19 and family law information

How does Covid-19 impact my parenting order?

parenting order and covid-19

Covid-19 - Family Law We have had a number enquires about the impact of coronavirus (Covid-19) on current parenting orders.  These questions are: do I need to comply with orders? the other parent is refusing to return the children - what can I do? our supervised contact centre has closed, what do we do now? In March 2020 the Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia issued a joint statement about how the Court expects parents to manage their current arrangements.  The key points are summarised here. The Court recognises that every family’s circumstances are different and that these...

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How can I get a new Will or Enduring Power of Attorney during Covid-19?

Covid-19 - estate planning A Will or Enduring Power of Attorney can be one of the most important documents you prepare.  Ensuring that they have been properly prepared, signed and witnessed are key.  With the recent advertising of “online wills” with “no appointment necessary” it is important to understand the requirements how your Will and Enduring Power of Attorney are prepared to be valid documents. There are certain matters which simply must be done in person - the verification of identify and witnessing of transfer and other Titles Office documents for conveyancing are one area.  Another is the preparation of Wills...

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